Sukhtava Chicken

“Why the name “Sukhtava Chicken”
“Sukhtava is the name of the village from where the small holder poultry model originated, so we want to promote the name “Sukhtava” which is emerging as a poultry hub of M.P.”
About “Sukhtava Chicken”
It is the “Retail Brand” of Small holder poultry model promoted throughout all the cooperatives in M.P., the pilot retail shops were started in Bhopal and now each cooperative have its own Retail shop under the brand name “Sukhtava Chicken”. These shops are one-of-its-kind and consist of all the modern tools and techniques for selling and processing chicken and maintaining the hygienic conditions. Its complete package of “Value for money” for those who prefer to buy hygienic and processed chicken. There are further plans to expand our retail chain by franchise model as well as by our owned shop in each and every corner of M.P. and try to fetch more margins and profits for small producers as well as to present a unique identity.

MPWPCL has exclusive marketing network of live chicken with own retail chain under the brand name of “Sukhtava Chicken” and a chicken processing plant is under construction.