In the dusty surroundings of Kesla Block a revolution was taking shape since 1990s under guidance of PRADAN with the Gond Tribal Women. These women had few alternatives to sustainable livelihood. Poultry intervention was tried, as this was one of the fastest growing sectors. Tribal women started experimenting with various models from rearing Desi birds to Cockrails, Curoilers & at the end this experimenting ended with the mastering of small holder poultry model. 

This is India’s first market led company which integrates all women poultry producers drawn from rural ST & SC families living below poverty line. Each of them rears a flock size of 400-800 birds, managing to earn enough to take care some of the critical expenses at home for which they might had to take loan pushing the family into debt trap. Though the company works with and constituted by the Rural Women but this does not makes it any less professional. The professionals strive to achieve the balance between the cut throat market competition and the community betterment, which is akin to walking on a sword edge. This is the company which represents the collective bargaining power of poor women in the market place. The company is constituted by 8 active co-operatives amongst 2 of which are barely a few months old.

The life history of the company can be presented in the chart which depicts various landmarks in the journey of MPWPCL.